Ayurvedam Charak Panchakarma Kendra

Ayurvedic Treatment & Therapy Center in Bhopal

Ayurvedam Charak Panchakarma Kendra offers authentic Ayurvedic treatments & therapies to patients. We use original Ayurvedic medicines from all over India & treatment is given by team of experts under the efficient supervision of Ayurvedic Physician.

Our state-of-the-art treatment center offers all kinds of Traditional Kerala Ayurvedic Treatments. Traditional quality therapies, knowledge, expertise and dedicated team make Ayurvedam Charak Panchakarma Kendra an ideal ayurvedic Treatment & Panchakarma centre.

Consulting Physician

Dr. Dhiraj Choudhary

Dr. Dhiraj Choudhary

B. A. M. S.

Visit Clinic

Shiddhi Bhawan

Nahar Chouraha

Chuna Bhatti, Kolar Road

Bhopal-462042 (Madhya Pradesh)

Clinic Time

Morning: 9:00AM TO 1:00PM

Evening: 4:00PM TO 8:00PM

Take Appointment: 990-708-1799 | 895-949-1933

"Why Ayurveda"

Ayurveda is natural, soothing & gentle. This timeless "Science of Life" since the age of the sages has a tranquil effect on the Mind, Body & Soul. It aims to promote human happiness, health & increases the creative growth in an individual. Rediscover your own unique personality with ayurveda.

Ayurved is a traditional Holistic health care system, is accepted as the oldest scientific medical system. It has been practiced in India more than 5000 years. Ayurved explains the laws of nature that causes health or diseases.

" The great thing about Ayurveda is that its treatments always yield side benefits, not side effects. "


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