Basti Therapy

Method: Medicinal Enema by using medicated oil & herbal decoction

Benefits: All types of diseases occurred due to Vata dosha (vat vyadhi) Constipation, Obstruction in Urination, Loss of body Strength, discolouration, loss of mansa & shukra, Tympanitis, loss of sensation, Worms, Stiffness in body, Fever, Fistula, Stiffness in back & hips, Tremors. Epilepsy & Fits, Joint diseases, Arthritis, Hemiplesia, Paraplegia, Sciatica, Facial Paralysis, Pain due to calculus, Gout, All gynaec disorders (dysmenorrhoea , Uterine fibroid, Polycystic Ovaries, breast Cyst. Infertility etc.)